Just the FAQs, please!

Where do the sessions take place?

When we set the date, we will also pick the location. This can be a your yard, a park, a favorite trail, or some other spot that is meaningful to you. If you’re stuck for ideas, we can suggest a few of our favorites.

What if I prefer a studio session?

Although we don’t have a dedicated studio space, if you prefer the more traditional look of a studio backdrop and lighting, we can make it happen. We have several options and can discuss them at your consultation.

My pet is a bit… um… crazy.

No problem! We’re experts at calming the crazy and remember, the shutter is literally snapping at 1/250th of a second. Sometimes even faster. So we’re able to capture those split seconds of calm amidst the chaos.

What if my pet can’t be off leash?

For the safety of your pet, the majority of our sessions are done on lead. We can remove the leash/lead/halter in post-processing.

What if the weather is bad?

We’ll keep in touch leading up to your session. If it looks like Mother Nature isn’t going to play nice, we will reschedule to the next available date that’s convenient for you.

What if I just want digitals?

We’ll be very sad because we believe your images should be on display for all to see. We get that not everyone has huge amounts of wall space which is why we offer albums and smaller displays. Complimentary, low-res, watermarked digital files are provided with each corresponding print purchased.

Can I be in the photos with my pet?

100% yes! Although the majority of our focus will be on your pet, there is nothing like the bond we share with our animal companions.

Do you offer special sessions for older pets?

If you have a senior pet, or an animal companion nearing the end of life, we will make every effort to prioritize your session. If your pet can’t travel or isn’t comfortable leaving home, we will come to you.

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